Male Boudoir photography- It's not a joke.

I love shooting male boudoir!  I've shot quite a few guys by themselves, and I've shot a lot of guys as part of couples sessions.  The reasons guys want boudoir photos taken are the exact same reason women want photos taken- to feel amazing about themselves.  

     Whether I am doing boudoir photography for men or women, my number one goal is to show each person they are absolutely amazing, just as they are.  A quick search of male boudoir images on google will show two things- ridiculously perfect male bodies, and shoots that are meant as jokes.  Male boudoir encompasses so much more to me.    It's not just for perfect bodies, it's for everybody, and I will certainly never treat anyone's body as a joke.  

Guys have just as many body image issues as women do, it is just not socially unacceptable for them to talk about them.  As a woman, I can say, "I feel fat today" and my friends will say "no you look amazing!"  If a guy said that?  His friends would say- "fuck yeah you're fat.  Grab me a beer fatass." 

The big question-"But Cindy don't you freak out when you see a PENIS?" 


I shoot men and women nude.  I see naked people every single day.  This is my job.  I don't ever look at a client, male or female, in a sexual way.  My eyes go to how the light is falling on them, or how I can turn their body to showcase their beauty in the best way.  My eyes go to the way their nose wrinkles up when they laugh, or the happy tears in their eyes when I ask them to tell meabout the person they love.  I don't look at a penis any differently than I do an elbow or a back.  It's just a body part. Some guys get all the way naked, some don't, just like some women get naked and some don't. 

It's very common for a guy to tell me he's not photogenic, and I just tell him that's bullshit.  Everyone is photogenic, you just need to get comfortable in front of the camera.  I'm good at taking photos, I'm excellent at getting you comfortable.  We'll listen to music, talk and laugh, and sometimes you'll forget I'm even taking photos.  That's how I get to your true personality, and you being you?  That's the sexiest thing in the world. 

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