Indianapolis Bridal Boudoir- Top 5 reasons to do bridal boudoir photos as a wedding gift


Bridal boudoir portraits make great wedding night gifts for your new spouse.  My calendar has been filling up lately with brides, and I love it!  I love their excitement and joy.  This article was going to be about the top five reasons to be bridal boudoir photos at my central Indiana studio.  And there are lots of great reasons to get photos as wedding gifts for your new spouse.  There's a chance you've been working hard on your body and want to get photos to celebrate that.  An hour in my studio can feel like a little vacation from the stress of wedding planning-I promise even if you're nervous it is a relaxing, empowering experience.  You could use your bridal boudoir session to do a makeup trial and make sure the makeup you want looks good on camera for your wedding day, since makeup can look different on camera than in person.  It's a gift that is probably unexpected, and your new spouse will be thrilled to see the pictures.  Those are all reasons.  But really, only one reason matters. 

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You should get bridal boudoir photos so you believe the person who loves you when they tell you that you are beautiful. 

If you're a human who has lived to adulthood, you've been through some hard shit.  There are people in your life who have made you feel ugly.  You have spent a lifetime letting your inner voice believe those ugly lies, you have trained yourself to look for the flaws every time you see yourself in the mirror.  It is my job, in doing bridal boudoir for you, to tell that lying voice to shut the fuck up.  

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Your future spouse loves you, just as you are.  He or she looks at the entire package, mind, body, and soul, and adores it.  If not? please rethink this whole marriage thing.  But I'll assume they do.  They have ran their fingers along scars that trace trauma on your body.  When you fall asleep and quit pulling in your stomach when you lay on your side, they cradle the feel of your soft belly in their hands.  Weight gain happens, weight loss happens, love remains. 

The people who love you don't photoshop your face and body into perfection in their mind.  The see all that you consider flaws, and they love you for them. 

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I want to help you see your body as it is, in totality, with a history of strength and overcoming adversity.  I want you to see the amazing job it does carrying around your beautiful mind and soul.  I want you to love it for the flaws, not in spite of them, just as those who love you do.  The greatest gift you can give your new spouse? 


Believe them when they tell you that you are beautiful.

Don't say, you can't possibly mean that.  But look at this wrinkle.  But look at these extra pounds.  But look at these muscles that aren't perfectly toned.  All the lies in your head you have told yourself for years, saying that there are so many reasons that you aren't beautiful.  I used to even get mad at my husband.  I would yell at him and say- quit saying that.  There is no way you could believe thought.  But he truly did, and he still does,18 years later, more kids and more pounds and less pounds alternating, and new wrinkles, and new scars.  The love, and the feeling that I am the most beautiful woman in the world to him, remains. 

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It has taken me many years to get to the point where when he says I am beautiful, I can simply say "thank you." 

No protest, no but look at this flaw, simply thank you.  And that is an amazing gift to him, for him to be heard and believed.  I want to help you give this gift to your spouse.  I want you to hear them, and believe them, when they tell you that you are beautiful.  

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The purpose of bridal boudoir isn't to show your new spouse how beautiful you are.  They already know it.  

The purpose of bridal boudoir, and any boudoir, is to show YOU how beautiful you are.


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I'm not going to pretend it's a magic bullet.  That bullshit voice lying to you, telling you that you're ugly, has been there a long time and might not instantly disappear.  But getting bridal boudoir photos taken, letting me show you that you are perfect, just as you are, will help you on the journey to eliminating that voice completely. 

I look forward to celebrating your beauty, just as you are.  To schedule, email me at  Make sure to follow me on Facebook at Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography to see more of my work and learn more about me.  And to see photos of my baby lamb and goats :-) 

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