Glitter boudoir! Central Indiana Boudoir Photography

I have an upcoming session with a client who wants to incorporate glitter into her session, so I tried playing around with it.  Researching online, most of the glitter boudoir type sessions I found involved makeup artists and expensive makeup, and I wanted to see if it would work to do it in a more simple way.  These are me because when I get an idea I have to run with it and there was nobody else here to photograph at the time!  Mr. Johnson helped me with some of the camera work.  I just put lotion on myself then I sprinkled on glitter from the craft store!  I put on the lotion pretty thick and didn't completely rub it in so the glitter would stick to it.  I didn't rub the glitter in with the lotion just sprinkled it on top.  This was a quick session- like 15 minutes- and the glitter stayed on fine.  I was worried about how hard it would be to get off, but it actually rinsed right off in the shower, I think because the glitter was sticking more to the lotion than to my skin.  This was a fun concept to play with and I look forward to doing more glitter sessions.  

Technical info- Canon 6d, Sigma 35 art lens, natural window light.