What I Believe


What I believe:

-every single person is beautiful, some have forgotten or have never been shown.  It is my passion in life to show people their beauty.

-in the power of music, every photo session usually becomes a dance party at some point.

-that making memories is much more important than accumulating things.

-that being joyful is a choice to be made every day.

-it is completely possible for a woman to be a loving, nurturing mother and a smoldering, sexy goddess.

-travelling to faraway places and learning about other people is very good for the soul.

-that love is not depleted, that you can love many people with all your heart and still have enough to go on loving every person you meet.

-that giving to others feeds their soul, but the feeling I get from giving feeds mine even more.

-cuddling is the solution to just about everything in life.

-the sound of waves and the feel of an ocean breeze is a necessity as often as possible.

-that going outside your comfort zone, doing things that scare you and challenge you, is a prerequisite to growth and personal fulfillment.

-in owning and celebrating your own special kind of weird.

--being vulnerable and letting people see the real you leads to deep, meaningful connection.

-that we all just feel like little kids playing dress up in this big, scary world and holding hands and facing it together is the best thing to do.