Everyone is always worried about what to wear to their sessions, and many boudoir photographers are very specific about what type of lingerie you should bring, how you should look, defining what is sexy.

I'm not going to define sexy for you.  In fact, "sexy" doesn't have to be a part of your session at all, although seeing the authentic you is always important in a shoot with me, and I happen to think you being open, authentic, and real is the sexiest thing on earth. 

To come to your session, I prefer you wear something loose fitting that isn't going to leave marks on your body- be aware of the marks jeans, socks, and tight bras can leave. 

Here is my rule for what to wear at your boudoir session, in a simple concise statement:

Wear whatever the fuck you want. 


I want you to be you.  I want you to be comfortable in what you wear. I want your personality to shine through, your quirks, your loves, everything that makes you special and wardrobe can play a part in that.  

I can give you examples of what other people have brought, and if any of these fit your personality, bring them.  If they don't, scrap the list and bring something completely different.  I would say to bring things that might be outside your comfort zone because you will, I promise, find your comfort zone expanded approximately 30 seconds into your shoot. 

Some examples of what you could wear at a boudoir session:

-man's button down white shirt- its easy to hide anything you want to hide, and pulling it off your shoulders is beautiful.    

-bra and panty set is always good, if you don't want to show your midsection, don't worry we can hide it with posing.

-babydoll nightie- especially a twirly one.  I'm a huge fan of twirling in photos!

-corset, panties, thigh highs.  Thigh highs can be tricky= get the kind without elastic at the top so they don't dig into your skin. 

-off the shoulder oversized tshirt or sweater, knee high socks.  I'm a huge fan of that look.

-If you're into accessories-jewelry, heels, scarves, whatever-bring them.  If you're not into heels, don't bring them. 

-Think outside the idea of just lingerie.  Anything sheer is perfect, anything lacy, anything silky. 

-sun dresses are cute especially if we'll be doing some outdoor shots

-Elegant dress/suit/gown.  I love the look of a beautiful fancy dress against our aged barn or fields. 

-Sports stuff.  I've had lots of women bring sports stuff if they're significant other is into sports.  Jerseys, tshirts, booty shorts, knee socks, baseball caps are really cute to play with.  I've made a hockey stick look sexy, so, whatever you bring I'll work with :-) 

-jackets- I've had Harley jackets with chaps, military jackets, leather jackets.  They're all sexy without a shirt underneath

Freaking out over what to wear? Feel free to bring extra stuff and I'll help you decide.  Or, feel free to bring nothing at all and we can work with the fabrics and shirts and dresses I have at the studio.  Of course, we can always do nudes, which I completely love and I actually think are more innocent and pure looking than photos where you are wearing lingerie. 

Here's a collage of some different things women have brought, use them as inspiration, but not a rule.