Release- fine art nude session: chronicling grief

     Sometimes, boudoir isn't about sexy.  Actually, with me, it is never only about sexy.  There are so many more sides of your personality than that, and it is my goal to capture many sides of who you are.  

     This beautiful lady came to me and told me she wanted to chronicle her grief, the emotions she is experiencing right now.  I'm always so thankful for everyone who gets vulnerable in front of me, who trust me enough to let me in to an intimate part of their soul.  It is an honor to be present for raw emotion, emotion that we often hide from the world.  Editing her photos, I have to admit, I had some tears.  They brought me back to places of vulnerability and grief.  But those moments where she smiled?  She absolutely lit up the room, and reminded me that joy can always be found, even in grief.  

     There was very little direction in this session.  I believe our movements in grief, the way we hold our hands, the way we bow our head, the way we crumple to the floor, are so personal and tell our story.  We put on some music, we talked a bit.  And I took pictures.  Some tears, some laughter.  She told me at the end of the session that it was cathartic to her.  Every year, I pick a word that sort of is my goal for the year, and I didn't really pick one yet.  Inspired by her, my word is now release.  Releasing those things not meant for me to make room for those that are, and to help others release negative feelings about themselves, negative experiences.  

      Thank you, my client and now friend, for the inspiration.  Thank you for letting me see you, letting me into your soul.  And honestly?  That is the sexiest thing ever.