Top 5 reasons to buy a boudoir gift certificate for someone you love | Indianapolis Boudoir Photographer

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1.You should get them a boudoir photo gift certificate so they believe you when you tell them that they are beautiful. 

If your loved one is a human who has lived to adulthood, they’ve been through some hard shit.  There are people in their life who have made them feel ugly.  They have spent a lifetime letting their inner voice believe those ugly lies, they have trained themselves to look for the flaws every time they see themselves in the mirror.  It is my job, in doing boudoir photography for them, to tell that lying voice to shut the fuck up.  

I'm not going to pretend it's a magic bullet.  That bullshit voice lying to them, telling them that they’re ugly, has been there a long time and might not instantly disappear.  But having a boudoir photography session at my studio, letting me show them that they are perfect, just as they are, will help them on the journey to eliminating that voice completely. 

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2.You should get them a boudoir gift certificate to show them they are sexy, just as they are.

In my studio, sexy comes in every size, shape, color, gender. Sexy can be thigh highs and a corset, or sexy can be a big sweater and booty shorts. Sexy can also be fully clothed if your loved one isn’t comfortable getting naked. All too often, boudoir photos are a caricature of what society deems sexy, with sky high heels in every photo and head thrown back in fake ecstasy. There is so much more to sexy than that, and I will help the person you love see that they are sexy just as they are. There are as many versions of sexy as there are humans, and I will help them see that what is most sexy is them, being real and being themselves.

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3.You should get them a boudoir gift certificate so they see the beautiful moments you see.

My favorite photos at sessions are never the perfectly posed ones. Those are pretty, but my favorites are the moments between the poses. When I ask her how she met you and she smiles. When I say something funny and she throws her head back and laughs. When I ask him what he loves about you and he runs his hand through his hair and smiles. When she looks down and pushes her hair behind her ear, or when she does all those little mannerisms that are what make her beautiful to you. The way he looks when he’s thinking about life at home and telling me about his kids. Those aren’t things that they see when they look in the mirror. It is my favorite thing to show your loved one how very beautiful they look to people who love them.

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4. You should get them a boudoir gift certificate because it’s a built-in gift for you too!

You will get to see the gorgeous images I take of them. You won’t be surprised by them, because you know the person you love is beautiful, just as they are. But it will be nice to have prints or digital images to remind you of their beauty, at all times.

But even better than seeing the images yourself? That person you love will be surprised. They will be shocked. They’ll say- “am I really this beautiful?” And you can just smile and say, “Yes you are. I am happy you finally see it.”

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5. You should get them a boudoir gift certificate to celebrate your love!

I’ve had moms, sisters, best friends, other family members buy shoots for people they love, and I absolutely adore that! Boudoir gift certificates aren’t just for romantic partners.

But, if you are buying one for a romantic partner, consider using it to do a couples shoot with them! Couples boudoir shoots are so much fun, they are relaxed and not highly posed, capturing the unique way you smile at each, kiss each other, hold hands. A couples session might be way outside your comfort zone, but that just makes the gift all that much more special.

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I look forward to celebrating your loved one’s beauty, just as they are.  To schedule, email me at  Make sure to follow me on Facebook at Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography to see more of my work and learn more about me.