Queen Bee- 50th birthday boudoir shoot

I love that she scheduled this shoot to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday!  Boudoir truly is for everyone, there are no age limits and it isn't for just a certain body type.  I truly believe every body is beautiful!  I am so happy she said I could share all of these with you.  She is so gorgeous and I love her free spirit that just shines so bright in these.  I've had quite a few people bring vehicles of some sort to shoots, I love that we have plenty of room in our Indiana country setting to accomodate them!  I've photographed several cars, motorcycles, even a semi in a boudoir session!  


We did some of her session in my indoor studio, then moved outside to the barn and the gazebo.  I love that I can get a wide variety of shots at the Franklin boudoir studio.  This window is my favorite place in the world to take photographs. 

Going outside for photos is always fun because it's pretty much guaranteed you will have a goat yelling at you and chickens clucking at you.  If you're nervous, all the animals are definitely a great ice breaker!  I'm always saying- "Be as sexy as you can with goats yelling at you!"  I'd say she accomplished sexy even with all the animal interruptions and cat photo bombs we had for her session! 

Cindy JohnsonComment