Miss K- Plus Size Boudoir

First of all, let me apologize for that word in the title, it makes me cringe to say "plus-size boudoir" because, to me, its all boudoir.  I mean when I post a thin girl I don't say "small size boudoir".  A body is a body, and every single one is gorgeous to me.  However, I get a lot of messages asking if I shoot plus-size boudoir, so I wanted to put it in the title so anyone looking for that could find me.  Honestly, for a while I was baffled by the question of whether I shoot plus-size boudoir.  I couldn't believe anyone would even ask that.  Of course I do, are there boudoir photographers who shy away from certain body types?  I couldn't imagine that being a possibility.  But then, I posted some of this gorgeous lady's photos in a boudoir group of a well-known boudoir photographer and a couple of people who are boudoir photographers made unkind remarks about her body.  I assumed the group owner would shut them down immediately.  Instead, she said, "you should have expected some drama by posting a controversial image."  What in the actual fuck??? Taking a photo of a  woman's body that is outside the tiny norms society tries to impose on us makes that image controversial??? Fuck. That. One of the remarks was- maybe if you told her story, how she is trying to improve herself, that would be better.  Screw that.  Nobody should be obligated to explain the struggles they are going through to somehow justify their current body type.  We all have struggles, whether they are mental, physical, or spiritual.  We should treat everyone with kindness, because we don't know their struggles, not demand them to tell us their struggles.  I didn't want to write all this on these images.  I shouldn't have to. I actually waited a few months to even say all this because I was so angry at the words of those boudoir photographers who say so much about "body positivity" but in actuality they only mean certain bodies.  I didn't trust myself to talk without being horribly bitter and angry. But I will take that turn anger and turn it into love, continuing to photograph every body type and making everyone feel amazing about themselves.  My words and actions of love need to be even bigger to make up for the unkind people in the world.    

 All I want to say is- this is my beautiful friend.  Her smile lights up a room.  Her gorgeous red hair and perfect porcelain skin makes me swoon.  Her ambition in caring for her wonderful family is inspiring.  Her love for her baby boy is unparalleled.  Her spirit shines so very bright it lights up a room.  When she throws her head back and laughs the joy is contagious.  

This is what beautiful looks like.  Not better than another body type, not worse than any other body type.  There are not better types of beautiful, just different types of beautiful.  Embrace the type of beautiful that you are.