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Hi! I'm Becky, and I've now done two photo sessions with Cindy and I'm already looking forward to a third, a fourth, a... oh heck, can we do a photo session every week Cindy?

That wasn't how I felt the first go round, and it CERTAINLY wasn't the second! Wait... Becky, you just said you loved it but... then... you said didn't? But now you want more?

Contradict yourself much hon?
Hummmmm... Perhaps an explanation is in order?

(Ya think?)

First time round? I hadn't a clue who Cindy was or what her skills as a photographer really were... Oh, I'd heard she was a darn good photographer, but as an at the time, 60 year old woman with a long history of both hating her body and of having seen sooooo many horrid bordering on gruesome snapshots of myself. To say I was apprehensive was an understatement of epic proportions!

Not that I've ever been one to walk away from challenging situations, and I KNEW I wanted to do this, but for all that? Despite my brave front? I was utterly terrified as these unbidden images of a demented hulking female meets Crypt Keeper danced through my head...

But ya know? Cindy made me so comfortable in my skin as we worked together, and the results of that session were simply amazing!

Why... it's... it's... it's me ! And... well... I'm beautiful!

Though in looking back two years later, I still think I'm beautiful in those pictures, but I can sorta see what no one else can... I can see that slight tinge of apprehension lurking just round the edges in those photos... just a bit stiff in em me thinks!

I know, maybe... a second session would fix that!

So... what of this second time? You said you were MORE apprehensive... but you loved it even more?


Me, a year older, and with a decade long business collapsing beneath me, tens of thousands of dollars lost, newly divorced and 50 lbs of stress eating added to my already Amazonian frame. Cindy and I met for another session... and no, I didn't say this to her, but once again, I KNEW I was going to come out of it looking something like an overfed and remarkably unphotogenic and generally lacking manatee!

But hey! I wouldn't be who I am if I let a little thing like THAT stop me, so what the hell! We're doing this photo shoot! I am who I am, fat or not, old or not, I'm still me, and even if it's been raining shit for more than a year, by god I'm going to honestly enjoy it this time!

With only a few simple props thrown in to play with, a VERY naked 61 year old woman let go of all her worries and danced with pure abandon before Cindy and her camera! Letting myself become lost in both time and space and forgetting there was even a camera involved... just me and a dear friend enjoying that gorgeous fall day... oh, and yeah, I'm alsonaked...

The result was a collection of photos of me showing a beauty inside myself I've all but never allowed myself to see... A beauty that others have spoken to me of, but still, a beauty I was all but blind to!

The experience and those photos have been transformative, and seeing ME this way has been such a huge help in my walking away from those failures not of my making so that I do have the time and space needed to pursue the goals and dreams that truly do fulfill me!

I am succeeding!

This is for you Cindy!
You're an angel!

I'll turn 62 in July Cindy and I think I might just be needing some more



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