Indianapolis Couples Boudoir: Intimate portrait session

I've decided to start letting clients talk about their experience in their own words, I want to hear what their boudoir photography session meant to them.  Here are Ms. S's words about her couples boudoir session with me.  Everyone's love is different.  If your love is different, I promise you're not alone.   Celebrating love is one of my very favorite things.   I love her candid words about the beautiful life they have built together. 

"I was once told that if I dressed like that, I’d get in trouble. I was once told “don’t cuddle her like that - you don’t want to look gay, do you?” I was told many times, even young as 6, to “grow up”. I was asked, indirectly, many times, “what’s WRONG with her?” Needless to say, like many women all over the world, I’ve had a rough time falling back in love with my authentic self. The self that had been slowly chipped away with time and with criticism. My mom had boudoir photos back when people called them “glamour photos”. Fuzzy edges, feathered boas, thick earrings. But I was still drawn to the bare skin, the expressive eyes, and the alluring intent that the photos had to them. I wanted that, when I grew up. Fast forward a decade or so. I had been following Cindy’s business for a few months, after having a mini session in the bathtub on a magically muggy July afternoon. I was curious about a couple’s session with my husband, but I wasn’t sure how he would feel. His ghosts are very similar to mine. Ghosts of bullies are worse than the actual bullies; ghosts don’t grow up or change. My husband and I lead a rather unconventional lifestyle, concerning our love in relation to physicality with others. Through a lot of talking and a lot of tears, we’ve unlearned what society has taught us since we first started interacting with other people: that you can only love one person romantically, you don’t cuddle with your platonic friends, and you can’t possibly be sexual with another person while still being crazily committed to a life together with your spouse. Once we established ourselves as non-monogamous, and this might come off as funny to some people, our relationship became stronger than it had ever been before. Our MARRIAGE became a fucking powerhouse. We are completely transparent with one another, and we are one another’s anchors in the sea. Neither one of us is moving from the other, even if we drift one way or another in the action of waves. And I wanted to capture that. I wanted to capture our strength, our passion, our silliness, our magic, and our love. A love that we both felt from the moment we met each other nearly 10 years ago. A love that transcended time and reason. A love that always came back around, even if life got in the way. Our first year as a married couple was not a honeymoon year. It was hard and there were times when we’d overcome struggles or a hard conversation, and I’d be relieved just to come out on the other side in one piece. We’ve made it through. And look at how far we’ve come. I love these photos and their rawness. We were so excited to share them with everyone who wanted to see them. (so basically all of our friends and people in the boudoir private group.) And Cindy couldn’t have been a better audience - I hope she enjoyed the show as much as SHOOTING it. What a thing. What a life. What a love. I’m so glad I stuck around for this."