Friday Feature- Indiana Boudoir Maternity

I love shooting boudoir maternity sessions! They can be anywhere from fully clothed to fully nude, that is up to you. I love celebrating this time in your life with you. It is such an honor to me to be let in to important moments in your life. I asked this gorgeous woman’s husband to talk about her experience. I thought it was cool that he was the one who booked the session for her. I loved how he told me how beautiful she was when he booked the session, and that he wanted her to see that.

Here is her session, in his words.

“Amy has always been self conscious about her body. In the past, I’ve mentioned that I would love to see her do some boudoir photos, but was always met with opposition. After trying to get pregnant for months, we received the good news that we were expecting. With our first child, we did the traditional maternity photos and I thought we should mix it up with this pregnancy. I think Amy was so excited with the news of being pregnant that she decided to do boudoir photos. The next step was to find the perfect photographer. We were already aware of Cindy’s work and we both gravitated to her portfolio. We specifically wanted a photographer that could allow Amy to be herself, but also allow the photos to have a touch of sexy and classy. We both agreed on utilizing Cindy as our photographer of choice. Amy’s only condition is that I needed to be the one to schedule everything and arrange the payment. The weeks leading up to the session, Amy was wanting to get it over with and wasn’t looking forward to the session.l I asked her if she was going to do full nude photos and she was very firm that wasn’t on the table. After speaking with Cindy, Amy wanted to go shopping and at that time she mentioned that she would be open to doing nude photos depending on how the session went. Amy decided to take one of her close friends to the session. I met them alter w=that day and Amy looked amazing (the hair/makeup stylist did a great job.) Her friend was raving on how great the photos would be. After a few weeks, we received the photos and I’m still speechless. I’m so in love with these pictures. Amy said we either need to do a couples session or a “dudeoir” session next. She also stated that she will want to do a non-maternity session as well. I never thought in a thousand years that Amy would participate in nude photos. Thank you Cindy for allowing Amy to see how beautiful she is and how I view her every day.”

That last sentence. That is why I do what I do. So that you will see yourself as your loved ones see you.

Cindy JohnsonComment