Hope- Central Indiana boudoir photography

I'm in the process of getting some older session put up on the blog.  I can't believe it's just been a year since I first photographed this lovely woman!  I am so happy to have met her through photography, she has definitely become a friend.  I've done quite a few sessions for her since this one.  Warning- boudoir can be addicitive!  It feels so good to get the self esteem boost from a session, I think you should do several sessions a year!  I actually have a private group for women I've photographed, where I offer special events and photoshoots and mini sessions not available to the general public.  I love getting to photograph a person multiple times, I feel like each time I get closer to them, closer to their soul, and photographing your soul, the true you, is my ultimate goal with my boudoir photography.  These were taken at my central Indiana boudoir studio, with lots of indoor and outdoor spaces for photos.  I love to be able to offer outdoor boudoir at any session!  And we can do outdoor boudoir in any weather- rainy or snowy sessions are fun! 

Cindy JohnsonComment