Friday Feature- Ms. T- Indiana Boudoir Photography

In her own words:

"I decided to do a boudoir shoot for two reasons.  For myself, and also for every women/girl who has ever felt uncomfortable with their body.  I would constantly give myself hell because I hated the way I looked, but one day I just decided that every body is different, but beautiful.  So, I want every woman to feel that they should love themselves too.  I also did it because my friends always see me as "cute" but I wanted to show them that I'm more than that.  I was nervous before, but during and after the shoot I felt empowered.  I would absolutely recommend my friends to do it.  I would recommend anyone to do it!"  

I loved her sweet easygoing spirit, and I love that she wanted to use her images to inspire others to do a shoot.  I'm happy that women walk away from a boudoir session with me with beautiful images, but I am even more happy that they walk away from their photo shoot with an empowered soul.  

Cindy JohnsonComment