Friday Feature: meet Beth and Jonathon: Indianapolis couples boudoir

I am so excited to share this week's feature shoot with you!  I absolutely adore shooting these two, and they always have unique ideas that make me panic for just a minute worrying about whether I'll be able to bring their ideas to life, then I just go for it and we make magic!  This time they told me they wanted to play with images of power, with the contrast between Beth's small size and Jonathon's larger frame.  We used the fields and barn at my Franklin Indiana studio, on a misty magical early fall morning.  

     One of the awesome things about this couple is that they aren't a couple- not in the way you might think.  They are "just" friends.  And I hate saying just friends because it relegates friendship to something subpar, something below romantic love, and that is unfair.  I love the easy kind of friendship where you are comfortable baring yourself, body and soul, to another person.  They were so fun to shoot because they would be trying to look at each other super sexy and then just burst out laughing at trying to be serious.  

 I hope you find a love like this.  A friendship where you can laugh, and be silly, and carry each other, and create art together, and be naked with each other.  That love can come from a spouse, a family member, a romantic interest, or "just" a friend.  

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