Friday feature- best friends boudoir session- Indiana boudoir photography

I loved photographing these two gorgeous women. And the ones with the chicken might be some of my favorite photos ever :-) We were laughing so hard trying to take serious photos while the chicken was making this crazy noise. Chickens always available if you’d like to incorporate one into your boudoir session :-) I love using boudoir photography to empower women. I use it to show them how they look to their loved ones, to remove the negative filter we all have when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Here is their best friend photo experience in one of their own words:

“I purchased a shoot with Cindy for myself and a dear friend who was going through a divorce. After years of slowly growing apart from her husband, she had lost touch with her own femininity, beauty, and sexuality. I wanted her to feel as radiant as she appears to others. Mission accomplished! The photos turned out amazing and she treasures these images. What I didn’t anticipate was how much fun we had shooting with Cindy! I knew my friend would be nervous, so I thought she might be more open to the idea if I was getting naked in front of a stranger with a camera too. Cindy made both of us feel so at ease that neither of us had any reservations! Shy grins quickly turned to bright smiles and then devolved into peals of laughter. Cindy even indulged our goofy suggestion of letting us pose with her chickens. When my friend saw her proofs, she broke down in tears. “Is that really what I look like?” she asked, her voice shaking. I nodded; I could almost see a new confidence and sense of self blossoming in front of me. Thank you Cindy for giving me and my dear friend an unforgettable experience during a time when she needed it most.”

Cindy JohnsonComment