Creepier boudoir- Fine art nude photography

Remember when I posted that creepy boudoir session a little while ago?  Well, shit just got creepier :-) And I had someone message before that they liked it they didn't think it was creepy.  I don't mean creepy in a bad way at all!  I define creepy as unsettling- art making you feel a bit unsettled is always a good thing.  I love to explore all sides of someone's personality in boudoir sessions, and I have had the pleasure of shooting this woman quite a few times and it is an honor that she lets her dark side out to play at shoots with me.  This doesn't really fall into the realm of boudoir, I feel like we created art together.  Celebrating the nude form is something I absolutely love.  Don't ever be afraid to ask for something completely out of the norm when booking a session with me- I would love to brainstorm with you to make your vision happen.  I love shoots that push me out of my comfort zone- it was completely dark in this space so I had to figure out how to get some lighting on her.  I love candlelight on skin, so this session is almost completely lit by candlelight.  I look forward to creating more art with her! 

Cindy JohnsonComment