CJBP Winter Boudoir Photographer Retreat!

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Winter Boudoir Photographer Retreat

February 21-23, 2020

I am excited to announce my next boudoir photographer retreat!  I find winter to be a time of sadness for many photographers, as we thrive in the light and the dwindling daylight hours can be hard for our soul.  At this retreat, we will nourish that soul so that you are refreshed and excited to enter the new year with new ideas, new friends, and newfound confidence in yourself. 


What will we do?

-Take lots of photos!  We will have at least four different shoots, playing with different lighting, practicing shooting different body types.  I will tailor the types of shoots to what everyone wants to shoot, they could include traditional boudoir, maternity boudoir, couples boudoir, male boudoir.  I never use professional models, since they already know how to pose.  I want you to practice posing a nervous client who has never done this before! There will be time to observe me shooting so you get an idea of how my shoots flow, as well as time for you to photograph each client. We will use all the different indoor and outdoor settings at my historic home built in 1840, on 4 acres, with a big barn and gazebo outside.  It's Indiana, so we might have beautiful snow or it might be 60 degrees, either way we will get practice with indoor and outdoor shooting. 

Two of last year’s participants- lots of new friendships were made!

Two of last year’s participants- lots of new friendships were made!


-Learn some things you want to do- and some things you don't want to do.   It is not my goal to have you end up shooting exactly as I do, or do anything in your business the way I do it.  Hopefully there will be some thing that resonate with your soul, that you will tweak and make yours.  And hopefully there will be some things that you say "I like the way I do that better" to yourself about.  There is value in learning new ideas, as well as in deciding your ideas are the perfect ones for you and shouldn't be changed.  I will show you everything about how my boudoir business works, how I get clients relaxed, how I developed my style over years, how I pose, how I engage potential clients.  I will talk about mistakes I have made that you may want to avoid.  I will talk about my special projects, and using those to get lots of media exposure.  


-Nurture your soul.    There will be time to relax, work on images, journal, daydream, take time to plan for your upcoming year.  You will make new friends, as the workshop is limited to 6 participants so we can all get to know each other well.  We will work on self-care techniques to help you refill the well of emotional energy that we all lovingly give to all of our clients.  We will nurture our artist's soul with a class by a guest artist, working in a medium other than photography, to take us out of our comfort zone a bit.  More surprises and guest speakers are in the works!

-Get photographed!  I believe every boudoir photographer should get in front of the camera to get the experience that your clients get.  Each participant will get a 30 minute boudoir shoot with me, including edited images with print release. 

Cost and What's Included

The weekend retreat is $750.  That includes lodging in our Franklin, Indiana home, all meals and snacks will be provided, from dinner Friday to when we wrap up the retreat on Sunday early afternoon. We can provide transportation from and to the airport if needed. It includes participation in at least 4 photo shoots, as well as your personal shoot. It also includes the guest artist demonstrations.  And laughter, perhaps tears, cat cuddles, and so much more! 

How do I sign up?

We are doing an application for participants.  Please don't think this is to only get the best photographers, because we actually want a range of experience and skill.  I find often new photographers have a fresh eye that can help seasoned photographers! I'm not having you apply to see if you are right for the retreat, but instead to make sure the retreat is right for you.  I want everyone to have an amazing experience! To apply, fill out the application form here.  First priority given to photographers working outside of Indiana, but if there is space we will open it to Indiana photographers as well.



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