2017 Recap- Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

Wow.  2017 has been amazing.  I could not be where I am without the help of all you amazing people who hired me to photograph you.  This year, Tyler started working with me full time, and it makes my heart sing to have him near me pretty much all the time.  Thank you so much for making that possible.  This is not a favorites post, because with over 300 boudoir sessions, plus family sessions, weddings, senior sessions, that I didn't even count- my favorites are way too much for one post.  But this is a little recap of this year.  I had the joy of photographing in Thailand, Cambodia, and Scotland this year, as well as many different states.  I have laughed with a bunch of you, and I have cried with quite a few of you as well.  It is an absolute honor to join you in your life's journey.  I love when you come to me for boudoir, then bridal boudoir, then maternity boudoir, then boudoir plus baby!  You've sent your kids to me, your husbands to me, your wives to me, your best friends with me, and the fact that you trust me with your loved ones means so much to me.  I've held hands with some of you in the last moments of a loved one's life, and I've been there to photograph new lives entering this world.  I've celebrated weddings with you, I've celebrated divorces with you.   I've danced with you.  I've had the absolute privilege of being present for intimate moments of your life, where your guard is down and I can truly see you.  I am so very thankful every day that somehow my passion, making everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, has become my everyday job.  I feel like there are amazing things on the horizon for all of us for 2018, and I am excited to help chronicle all of the amazingness for you.  Happy New Year! 

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