Creepy boudoir- making your session your own

I have a confession, I don't really have a boudoir style, a consistent way that I edit.  I guess if I were to pick the photos that I want to represent me, it would be the nude bodyscapes I do, dark with the light just kissing your skin.  But your boudoir photography session isn't about me.  It's about you.  I truly want to showcase your personality along with your body.  Some people come to me with no ideas for their shoot at all and that's completely fine.  I talk to them, get a feel for their personality right away, look at their outfits and immediately customize their session for them.  Sometimes people come with more of an idea of what they want, and that's fun too.  I love to shoot this lady because she always has out of the box unusual ideas and always pushes me to try new things.  At this shoot, one of the things she wanted was "creepy stairs photos."  I think we accomplished that, along with some other beautiful photos as well.  

Cindy JohnsonComment