Self Portrait Project- January

I decided this year to do a self-portrait project.  Initially my plan was to do one everyday, but with four kids and traveling and work and life I didn't want to stress over it.  I wanted it to be something I enjoyed, not something else to check off the "have to do" list.  So I'm doing them most days, as often as I feel.  These are some of my January favorites.  I've found doing self portraits has really helped me grow as a photographer, as I'm always looking for interesting places, cool light, new places to shoot.  Plus I get the opportunity to play with ideas without stressing out about getting them right for a client.  I don't worry about the images being perfect.  Sometimes my iphone is still in my hand- which is what I use as a camera remote. Sometimes the focus is off.  But embracing imperfections is part of who I am, so I just keep the imperfect ones and learn from them. 

Cindy Johnson1 Comment