Boudoir Photographer Workshops!

I am so excited to announce I will be leading workshops for photographers on shooting boudoir.  These are for everyone who wants to learn more about boudoir, whether you want to shoot it exclusively, or do sessions every once in a while, or just have the knowledge and apply it to other aspects of photography.  

We'll get to know each other, talk about what we shoot, why we shoot, how we shoot.  Talk about building a personal brand, being brave yourself as an example to your clients. Being authentic and true to yourself.  We will talk about different boudoir styles and how to find the personal style that works for you.  We'll talk  about promoting boudoir, sharing boudoir photos, some business nuts and bolts.  I'm not a business expert by any means, but I do feel confident in the ways that I have promoted my work on social media, and I will share tips for that.  I'll share my tips on making lifelong clients, not just women who come for one shoot.  I will touch on photographing couples and men but will not focus strongly on those.  Other topics covered will be client coaching, hair/makeup ( my thoughts on that are very different from many boudoir photographers) outfits, props, pricing, image delivery, and more. 

For our first shoot, I will go through my entire flow of shooting a session. I will be photographing someone who has never had a boudoir session, so you can see how to get someone comfortable who is nervous.  This will be more of an observation session so you can see how I flow, how I pose, how I turn every session into a dance party.

We'll have a snack break after our first session, talk about how the session went, you can ask any questions you have.  

Next will be time for you to shoot.  I will have two different women to shoot, two different body types, so you can practice posing with a variety of bodies.  We will shoot together, we will take turns shooting, I will help you lead them through poses.  I can help with camera settings advice. We will use mainly natural light, I do have an Einstein studio strobe you can use as well. This is not a strobe lighting class, I am by no means a lighting expert- actually I'm pretty new to studio lighting.  But we'll talk a lot about making the most of available light.  We will use the indoor and outdoor spaces at my studio so we have a wide variety of situations to practice shooting in.  We will end with a styled shoot in the candlelit clawfoot bathtub. 

I will show you my editing flow- it is super simple and quick.  I am not a master editor, this is not an editing class.  I am efficient and what I do works for me, so I'll show you how I do it. 

We'll end with a little portfolio review, where we all share where we've been, where we're going, and I'll help critique some images.  

It is not my goal for you to come away shooting like I do, or changing your style.  My style might be completely different from yours, and seeing what I do might help you with seeing some things you don't want to do, and I think that can be as helpful and seeing things that you do want to do.  You can take the information learned and apply it to your own personal style. 

Of course you'll get to meet my goats and if the weather is nice we'll make a bonfire and have smores and relax after the workshop. If you are coming from out of town, you are welcome to stay at my house, I have a guest house you can use. 

You are welcome to add any images taken at this workshop to your portfolio, I ask that you tag my page if you post them on social media and share that they were taken at a workshop with me.  

If you have any questions at all, send me a message here or on my Facebook page.  

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