Overcoming, Healing, Growth- Scar Photography

The way we we are taught to see beauty, as airbrushed perfection in magazines, smooth unmarked skin, a number on a scale, that beauty means nothing to me.

To me, true beauty is in the mundane, the everyday, the struggle and the overcoming. The bravery to forgive the people, the sicknesses, the surgeries that gave us scars and look at them not as reminders of pain but as signs of overcoming, of healing, of growth.

Every single person I have photographed is scarred, whether they are visible or not. We all have wounds that have shaped who we are.

Helping embrace the journey of our body and soul, to honor the signs of healing, to document resilience, this is what I truly love.

Sometimes we can think we are the only one with pain, with scars, with flaws.  I have seen many bodies, and I promise every one of them- even if they look "perfect" have pain, body image issues, scars you can't see, a lifetime peppered with difficult moments that are hidden just below the surface.  

Sometimes I wish we all had a sign that blinked on our forehead and told the world the pain we are feeling, the challenges we are facing, the scars that haven't healed, so that the world would know to be kind to us, to take our anger or impatience with a grain of salt, for we are doing the best that we can.  We all are.  

We are all scarred, we are all flawed, we are all scared little kids trying to navigate this scary world on our own, and holding hands and facing it together is the only way to get through it.  I am so very thankful for the hands I have had the honor of holding in this journey of life, as well as those who chose to hold my hand in difficult times.  

Cindy JohnsonComment