Welcome Baby M- Indianapolis Birth Photographer

Dear Baby M,

You are loved.  So very very loved.

It was an honor to be there as your parents welcomed you into the world, and to take photos so they don’t forget any details of your beautiful birth, and so they can share the photos with you someday.  I’d like to tell a little story about the day you were born.

The first time I saw your mom on the day you were born, I walked back into her room with your grandpa, her dad.  Grandpa works out of state and has a very difficult time getting time off, so your mom thought he was going to have to leave before you were born.  This is her face as he told her that he had changed his work schedule and would be able to be there.  Your mom said “I’m a daddy’s girl.”  I know, being born into a family with this much love, that you are going to have an amazing life.


I spent some time with your mommy and daddy as they waited for you to come.  They love each other very much and were so excited to see your face.  Mommy was resting so I went down to the cafe to get some lunch.


  While I was in line to get my food I got a message from your daddy that said your mom was suddenly dialated to 8 and I should probably go back up!  So I grabbed my camera bag, dropped my food, and hurried back up.  I found daddy by mommy’s side, helping her through every contraction, and the nurse came in and told us it was time to have a baby!


You came into this world immediately into mommy’s arms.  Mommy was a little worried because you didn’t cry much, but the nurse said you were fine, you were just content!  You were happy to be in mommy’s arms.  I got to see the moment that you opened your eyes for the first time.  The first thing you saw was mommy and daddy smiling at you with tears in their eyes.

Daddy stayed with you as the nurses took you to the warmer to make sure you were okay.  You are beautiful and perfect.  Can you see the tears in your daddy’s eyes in this photo?  Those are tears of absolute joy, he is so very happy you are here.  This was the first time you ever held your daddy’s hand, first time of many times his hand will be there to support you in life.



Mommy is amazed at how long your precious fingers are!  The next person you got to meet was your big sister. She was so happy to see you.  I loved being able to see her face as she saw you for the first time.


Your big sister loves you so very much!  She is so excited to welcome you to the family.  One thing I’ll never forget her saying when she looked at you was- “Is she going to make it?”  And your mommy said, “Of course she is, she is here, she is fine.”  You see, there were babies in mommy’s belly before you that didn’t make it to meet their big sister, and your big sister knew that.  She was so very excited to have a baby sister who she could hold in her arms.  And I believe, sweet baby M, that those sweet souls who didn’t make it into this world will always be near you and your family, sending love to you all throughout life.

Welcome to your life, Baby M.